Do you like cute little bunnies? Do you have like 45 minutes to kill? Then sit your fanny down and read this big steaming mess of crazy (and if you laughed at the word fanny [I did] then you are definitely in the right place)!
          My name is Ellen and I am gluten-free and hypoallergenic. If I have any typos or anything, please don't laugh too hard at me because my computer is an ancient loser who decides to bring up random toolbars and start typing in the middle of a paragraph I wrote six years ago. For instance, it took me eight minutes just to write that sentence.
          I decided to start this blog because I was bored one day and they let any old idiot abuse the Internet these days. I named it after my rabbit, Beans (who is currently pulling clumps of poop off his butt and eating them like the winner he is), mostly because he was sitting next to me and I am unoriginal. Plus he's awesome, so yeah.
         Please enjoy my weirdness and don't forget to tip your waitress. See, that was silly, because I don't know if you're even in a restaurant! Ha. Ha. I promise I have friends.

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