Monday, July 9, 2012

I Might Be a Pegasister

          OK, I have a confession. I am in love with "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." If you've never heard of it--which apparently is the case with most people I know--it's basically about a group of colorful pony friends who live in Ponyville and have all kinds of adorable adventures.
          I turned it on once, just as a joke, to make fun of it and stuff. Which I did, but at the same time, I was thinking, wait a minute, I kind of love this. I thought it was going to be like all other kid shows, which have no plot and have to teach one of three main lessons (sharing, being yourself, and responsibility). While MLP:FiM (as those in the know call it) does usually have some kind of lesson, the plot lines are original and well thought out and actually carry on throughout several episodes. It's just generally very well made.
          Apparently, many other people are into this, too. Full grown adults and some teenagers are super interested in this show--way more than me; I've only actually seen like three or four episodes total. And in case that wasn't awesome enough, they have a cool name. The guys are Bronies and the girls are Pegasisters. There's whole online communities completely dedicated to this show, and I personally think it's pretty cool. If you're laughing right now, you've probably never even watched the show. Seriously, just go watch five minutes of this show, and if you aren't hooked, you and your black hole of a heart can laugh at me all day long. I think the main attraction of this show is that it's everything sweet and cute and colorful and innocent all wrapped up in one, but it still has detailed animation (look at their mouths when they're talking) and plotlines. I love love love it. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to watch the episodes online, because I just discovered while writing this that I no longer get the Hub channel. It was a sad moment.
          I'm not sure if I can officially call myself a Pegasister yet, since I've only seen a few episodes. But I think I'm going to end up getting pretty into it. I know this is going to result in a lot of ridicule (my mom told me I had a medication issue), but I don't even care. You can keep your violent video games and TV dramas. I'm gonna stick with my ponies.

NOTE: If you are interested in MLP:FiM, you may want to check out these links for user-generated content and information.

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