Friday, June 15, 2012

Journal Prompt #2

          Hi! Okay, today's prompt is still a little vague, just to get your creative juices flowing (that actually sounds pretty gross). I promise they'll get more interesting over time, but I know when you first start writing, you usually need some freedom. Today, you need to write a fictional story. But here's the catch: you can't think about it. This is the way I always tell stories, and they always come out awesome. People ask me to tell them stories all the time, stop asking about it! There's no outlining or character development. You pretty much just say the first thing that pops into your head. That way, instead of writing a boring story with a moral or plot or other dumb stuff like that, you get a hilarious adventure of a waffle riding a unicorn to Bulgaria to discover the power of friendship. And no cheating. If you need a noun, and you think platypus but you want to write nasal congestion, get over yourself and write platypus.


  1. There was a man named Jared who's skin was pouring green venom, as if i wasn't in enough of a predicament. My whole life was a mess. My aunt is slowly drowning in a lake. I've just been bitten by the most venomous snake in the world, and that snake has yet to undo its stranglehold on this man Jared here.
    Like I said, I have quite a few problems at this time so don't expect a novel alright? I'm not used to all of this excitement so I'm kind of freaking out. Hyperventilating a bit too... Time for the good old inhaler.
    Much better. Now theres a rock in my hand and some imaginary courage somewhere on me... eh ill find it later. I'm just gonna throw this rock towards that snakes head and hopefully... How in heck did that work?
    I drag Jared's body down from the attic. This would be much easier if he wasn't so slippery. Who in heck would expect snake venom to seep through someone's veins like this? I bet you're wondering why I even care about saving this idiots life.
    Well I don't. I mean there's no real reason I'm doing it. Ok maybe I sort of like him and he's been pretty nice to me lately so I thought I would, ya know, do him a favor. I'm not so sure it's worth it now. I mean I can't really tell if he's alive or how I would save him if he isn't...
    I need to take him to my aunt. Which arises another problem. I was hoping to save Jared before saving aunt Kathy but I guess I'll have to do both at once. Fantastic.
    Plop into the trunk you go. Hey I can't have this green slimy gunk all over my car seats. My parents would straight murderize me. Any way, I start driving. driving... driving... driving... until. Holy crap a beluga whale.
    really? right now? one of those idiot whales who seem to love me HAS to jump on memorial bridge and block my path. Wait a second... It's time for a very aquatic ride jared.
    I get him out of the trunk and say some sort of rubbish that will make my wand do what i want it to do. Ah then we have a bubble filled with pure oxygen surrounding us both. It's actually making me feel a bit loopy. I wrap my arms around Jared and the whale right before said whale dives off the edge of the bridge and swims the last 2 miles down the Judas River and into Lake Gibberish.
    Now this is the part where I catch sight of the Evil Narwhal which is swimming quite quickly around my aunt. Kind of makes it impossible for me to get to her. So I basically tell the whale to keep going. Let's ram this Narwhal out of existence.
    Unfortunately not everything can go as planned so of course we end up ramming my aunt instead... I'm going to have to put my trust in more efficient beluga whales.
    And while aunt Kathy is floating toward the depths of this lake, I'm struggling to hang on to Jared. It's times like these that I wish I had arm strength.
    Also, the thing is, the bubble surrounding me and Jared, it's starting to disintegrate. Annnd there's a whale fighting a narwhal behind me.
    I decide to give Jared the last breath of air and push him towards the surface while pushing myself under. Under, under, under, the pressure getting greater and greater as i dive. I can barely see Kate anymore, but i grab her ridiculously long hair. Wow, she finally found a use for that.
    But, I realize that she doesn't need me to help her navigate the lake. The midnight blue fins starting at her waist seem to do the trick. My Aunt's weird like that. Then my arm went limp.

    1. I absolutely LOVED this! Especially the part about the beluga whales! Glad someone is actually getting something out of this :)

  2. yeah haha hey you should post your cool story!