Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Wonderful World of Journalism

Well, would you look at that. Blogger is finally letting me use the tab key. How exciting. In fact, if you found that last discovery half as delightful as I did, you are going to throw up with joy when you read this next sentence. For my birthday (which was last Monday), I got an iPad keyboard! If you've read the About page, you know what a big deal this is. I can finally type like a normal human being! The callus on my left index finger from trying to type the letter "M" can finally heal! And most importantly, I am no longer a victim of my grumpy old laptop!* HOORAY!
Anyway. I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned this before, but from now until Friday afternoon, I will be at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University. It's in D.C. and I live in Ohio. How was my journey here? I'm glad you asked. Really, it was very polite. thanks for that. You're a gem. I flew here (on a plane, not like with my arms...thought it might be necessary to clarify). As a side note (because I NEVER use those), Southwest is my new favorite airline purely because they give you both peanuts AND pretzels. Like what am I, the Queen of England or something? No, I am not; but it's hard to tell who is, as we discussed months ago. But I digress...from my digression. To sum that mess up, FOOD=ELLEN'S ETERNAL LOVE.
An entire lacrosse team was on my plane. I know they were a lacrosse team because they scattered themselves in such a way that required them to shout to one another about pretty much every detail of every play they've ever done. So what should have been a relatively peaceful hour-long flight turned into a lesson in "so much lax talk, bro" (unfortunately, that is a direct quote).
We're supposed to blog while we're here, so hopefully over the course of the week I will be able to update you lovely people on my adventures or things that I find amusing. So keep it classy until then, I guess.

*Except while printing/using anything in Microsoft Office

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