Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why I Hate April Fool's Day

My entire life, I have always loved April Fool's Day. What's not to like? You just get to mess with people for an entire day. It's like they based a holiday around what I do every day. April Fool's Day is the obnoxious person's Christmas. So I've always gotten pretty pumped for it every year.
Until last year.
It was a Monday. Everything was going pretty well, especially because I just got Beans the day before (by the way, that means yesterday was his birthday. He turned approximately one-ish. We're having a party later. Pictures will follow, unless he refuses to pose; he's kind of a diva.). Anyway, my mom woke me up and told me to come look in Beans' room. The top of his cage was ripped off, there was red stuff all over, and HE WAS GONE. Then my mom said, "Did you remember to close the door last night?" That's right, SHE WAS ACTING LIKE IT WAS ALL MY FAULT. What kind of sick twisted person accuses their sweet little daughter of killing a bunny before breakfast?
Obviously, I started crying, because I thought my dog ate my rabbit, not to mention the fact that the cage and everything was kind of expensive and and hadn't even gotten my money's worth out of it, and I was also still half asleep. And then my mom decided she was done being awful and my brother came upstairs holding Beans, who was perfectly fine. My brother was laughing so I punched him. The end.

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