Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fancy new stuff

          Ooh la la, what a fancy blog we have here! You see that header thing up there? The one with the cute little bunny on it? I MADE THAT. It took me a ridiculously long time, but at least now it looks slightly more like a vaguely interesting blog instead of a quilting website (which appears to be about 86% of Blogger). So let me introduce you to these high-tech new features!
  • DARLING CUSTOM BACKGROUND: Not really much to say about's blue? It's argyle? Woop.
  • TAB BAR OF HOPE AND WONDER: Now you can click back and forth between different pages! Although right now I only have one page! So this is not really necessary! But I thought it looked cool! I really like exclamation points!
  • LABELS OF THE FUTURE: This isn't really new, I just stopped being lazy and organized stuff. Hooray (Do people still say hooray? I don't think so. That's going to be my new thing. I'm bringing hooray back.)!
  • THE GORGEOUS HEADER THING AGAIN: I just wanted all you people to know how hard I had to work on this thing. I don't have Photoshop or Illustrator or a computer that doesn't function like a drunken old man, so I had to make this like the cavemen used to make their blog headers. I first had to go on Paint (Yes, Paint still exists) and cut out my bunny. Then I had to go onto--are you ready for this?--my free downloaded trial version of Publisher (!), find a plain template, MEASURE MY HEADING BAR WITH AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL MEASURING TAPE, cut the template down to that size, spend four and a half hours doing stuff that would have taken any other less suckish laptop about twenty minutes, save it, go onto Blogger, upload my beautiful work of art, find out it was somehow still the wrong size, go back and save my Publisher thing as a .jpg, open it in Paint, resize it (repeat eight times), upload ot to Blogger again, and weep with happiness when I saw my blood, sweat and tears finally manifested into the glorious 11x4 rectangle most fourth graders could make in their computer classes. So you're welcome.


  1. Fun fun! We should totally bring hooray back!! :) Keep blogging, I LOVE your posts!

  2. Hooray! It's nice to know someone actually reads my posts!

  3. haha your blogging is awesome ellen! and i know hooray is cool but i personally prefer huzzah... i think it needs to be brought back
    BTW its valerie, ya know the blond girl from WC:D