Sunday, June 10, 2012

People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

          I decided to start doing this little segment thingy ("The Internet is Amazing") every now and then, partly because the internet really is amazing and partly because I really need to blog more. So, this first list is just a bunch of stuff I found on the internet that is completely pointless, but is still either really funny or interesting because someone put a ridiculous amount of time into it. These internet people don't get nearly enough recognition most of the time, they'll get recognition from a bunch of Russian people who somehow seem to find my blog more than anyone else.
This is a forum-type thing where people have actually taken the time to transcribe every single episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (which is a fantastic show). Some of this was done with the help of closed captioning, but the majority was transcribed BY EAR. That means these people either can type incredibly fast or have to transcribe the way I always do when writing out song lyrics or something, which is listening to a few seconds, trying to remember it while it's paused, and repeating the process about 854875474798 times. Bronies of the world salute you, you heroes of transcription.
Here, you can put a moustache on a picture of yourself. I guess this is a priority for some people.
This list names and describes different types of farts, as well as giving additional names for farts. Perfect for the twelve-year-old boy in your life.
For people who really love to plan ahead, this site allows you to plan your own funeral. From the way it's laid out, it looks like the social media site for the terminally ill. So that's always fun.

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